Town & Country hires sharp shooters to decrease deer population -

Town & Country hires sharp shooters to decrease deer population

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- Monday night, the Town and Country Board of Aldermen voted to begin a sharp-shooting program, aimed at killing up to 300 deer.

Town and Country Police say there have been more than 200 deer versus car crashes over the last three years. There were 94 collisions in 2009, 78 in 2010, and 47 in the first eight months of 2011. The crashes, this year, did not result in any human injuries.

The sharp-shooting is set to begin this December. The company hired by the city, White Buffalo, Inc, will have until 2012 to decrease the deer numbers. The program expands on the sharp-shooting approach the city tried, briefly, in 2009 and 2010. The shooters will have to get permission from property owners and will only be allowed to shoot on five acre, or larger, lots.

"In each of those two years, we've done sharp shooting without incident, without disruption of any property, and totally within budget," said Ward 3 Alderman Fred Meyland-Smith.

Monday night, the board voted to spend $133,000 on the new deer management program. White Buffalo will be paid $100,000. The city will spend an additional $27,000 to process deer meat, which will be donated to "Share the Harvest". The city plans to spend another $4,000 on two reports - to check on the deer population. Another $2,000 is budgeted for deer bait.

Barbara Hughes attended Monday night's city meeting to speak out against the sharp-shooting approach. Hughes encouraged the city to look at sterilization.

"The deer that are here, they are not only here. They wander over to Creve Coeur, or to Des Peres. I mean, they're not just staying within the municipality, they're all over the place, So, why don't they come up with a regional answer to the issue?", said Hughes.

Aldermen voted the idea down, saying it would cost too much.

City leaders in nearby Creve Coeur also discussed deer management on Monday night, focusing on allowing bow hunting. An ordinance would also prohibit residents from feeding deer. Read more about Creve Coeur's efforts here:

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