St. Louis Labor Council President issues statement on Occupy StL -

St. Louis Labor Council President issues statement on Occupy StL

St. Louis Labor Council President, Robert Soutier, issued the following statement regarding Occupy St. Louis:

Local actions in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street send strong message: St. Louisans are joining those across the country demanding an end to out-of-control corporate greed. It is time for our elected officials to be accountable to their constituents and work for good jobs

(ST. LOUIS) Students, workers and senior citizens in St. Louis have joined protesters in cities nationwide, speaking out and demanding that politicians listen and take action. From Wall Street and now to the main streets of cities across the country, people are on their feet demanding change.

The sense of frustration is acute, and so is the call for accountability. Our city and state has been hit hard by the wrecking ball of out-of-control corporate greed. With a unemployment rate that is still painfully high, families are continuing to lose their homes and their hope. Students face a bleak future after graduation. This is truly a jobs crisis that we are facing. In stark contrast to responsible corporations, those that are indeed "job creators," reckless and greedy corporations and their millionaire and billionaire CEOs have shipped away good jobs and shut millions of families out of the middle class.

Too many of our elected officials seem to listen only to the CEOs and Wall Street bankers that wrecked the economy, ignoring their own constituents in the process. In Jefferson City and in Washington D.C., middle class Missourians are under attack by politicians working for corporate CEOs and shady special interests.

As union construction workers, janitors, social workers and cashiers join students and seniors, the jobless-and those that are working two jobs just to get by-we call upon politicians to hear their voices. Workers coming together built the middle class in St. Louis and across the country, and it is time to work together to rebuild the middle class.

Wall Street and corporate America wrecked our economy, and it is time that banks and big corporations step up to fix it. It is time they invest in America and start creating the kind of good jobs that support a family, rebuilding our infrastructure and improving our schools. Foreclosures and the flood of underwater mortgages must be halted so families can stay in their homes and our communities can recover.


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