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Police offering reward for identifying people in surveillance photos

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) -- This week, police in Ellisville, Missouri uploaded two surveillance photos, taken at a Walgreens on Manchester. The photos show a man, walking into the store, wearing a motorcycle helmet and sunglasses. Moments later, he's accused of trying to rob the business. It happened in June, but police haven't been able to identify the suspect. So, they're trying their luck on this site: www.IDThisPerson.com

If someone can ID the man in the photos, the tipster can earn a $25 reward - anonymously.

It's free for police to post photos and free for the public to view them.

Two police officers in suburban Chicago launched the site in July. By October, nearly 70 police departments in Illinois signed up to participate. Last week, the creators of the site began reaching out to departments in Missouri. Fewer than 10 have signed up, so far, but the creators hope to eventually include departments all over the country.

Not everyone featured on the site is a suspect. Some are simply persons of interest.

Police do not include any information about the crime or the circumstances around it, saying that they simply want the public to look at photos and determine if they recognize the person.

"We just want to know who that person is, then we'll do the rest of the investigative work like we're supposed to," said Sgt. Nancy Walker, with the Ellisville Police Department.

The creators of the site say they have given out one reward since the site launched this summer. The site carries advertising, but not enough to cover the operating costs. The creators say that, for now, they are paying the reward money - out of pocket.



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