Creative contractor causing patio problems -

Creative contractor causing patio problems

A Metro East contractor is great at taking the money, but no so great at doing the work according to some of his unhappy customers.

Diana Boyce's backyard looks like a jungle filled with weeds and piles of dirt. 
It is not exactly what she wanted when she hired creative touch outdoors.
The Creative Touch website features beautiful paver patios with fire pits.
Diana thought that's what she was buying when she handed her money to Dustin Shinn.
Debbie Schuette also hired Shinn's company.

Her patio in Highland Illinois looks pretty nice, but Creative Touch Outdoors didn't do the job.
It was done by a different company hired to clean up the mess made by Creative Touch Outdoors.

Schuette says she paid back in April, but Shinn didn't come back until June.
Schuette says he spent a couple hours digging in the mud then disappeared.

“Excuse after excuse, family illness, too much rain then he had to go on some 4th of July holiday and I was left here in a mud hole” said Schuette.
These two women are out a few thousand dollars, but a Collinsville company is out much more.

According to a lawsuit, Collinsville Ice and Fuel is suing Shinn for more than $76,000 for breach of contract.

There is also the man who designed Shinn's website.
He says Shinn owes him $600.
News 4 did try to contact Shinn, he left Chris Nagus this message: “ I’m working to pay my customers back almost have them paid back, then I've got to work with a few more to pay them back hopefully I don't hear from you no more.”
News 4 called Diana and Debbie after that phone message.

The women say they're still waiting to hear from Shinn, but more importantly their money. 
“I just think he needs to be stopped the economy is bad you can't afford to be wasting money on people who are taking the money and not doing what they're supposed to do” said Boyce.
Another Shinn customer told News 4 Dustin has been paying him back in $50 increments.
Shinn left News 4 another voicemail saying he's planning to pay back Diana Boyse, but that Debbie Schuette fired him; something she says isn't true. 
He also said he's no longer in business.

We will let you know if these customers ever get their money back.

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