Do not count Cards out -

Do not count Cards out

The Cardinals will lean on starter Edwin Jackson to save their season tonight. This will be his first time starting against Philadelphia and his first start in the postseason; Jackson won’t go eight or nine innings but he will give the Cardinals a chance to win, and I believe the Birds will force a decisive game five.

Ahead two games to one in the series the Phillies have all the motivation right now to close this out tonight, but don’t count the Cards out.  This is a team which played the final six weeks of the season like each game was a ‘must win.’  When they were 10 ½ games out of first place at the end of August most, including myself, thought this team was done; but the Redbirds clawed their way back and won when everyone else thought that was impossible; that determination and resiliency must surface tonight.

And lastly, if the Cardinals are to win tonight, they have to stop blowing big opportunities. During Tuesday’s loss the Cards left 14 runners on base and eight in scoring position.  It all goes back to what I said after game one’s loss, when you have a quality pitcher on the ground, you must step on his throat.   If the Redbirds do that to Roy Oswalt there will be a game five Friday in Philadelphia.

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