Laclede gas, fire officials handle numerous complaints of odorou -

Laclede gas, fire officials handle numerous complaints of odorous gas in homes

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Laclede gas is fielding calls about a gas odor seeping into homes in west St. Louis County and Franklin County.

Residents say they noticed the smell over the weekend and some are still dealing with it .

Fire officials say the situation could be dangerous if left unchecked. The fire department and Laclede Gas have had to check every single call they’ve gotten on this situation, and since Friday, 37 percent of all the calls in the Metro West Fire Department were for gas smells in homes.

Laclede Gas says it’s a simple problem that is not a hazard, but it has made homeowners more than a little nervous.

Assistant Fire Chief Edward Beirne says the calls keep coming. The gas odor smell is cause for alarm, but not necessarily dangerous, officials say.

The problem is with the gas that the utility is feeding through the underground pipes. The odorant is mercaptan, which is added to gas to give it smell as a warning. In this case, too much mercaptan in the gas meant even tiny amounts escaped enough to alert homeowners.

Firefighters and Laclede personnel will have to enter your home with a detection device before giving the all clear. But it’s important that if you do smell gas to call immediately to make sure it’s safe.

The strong smell is expected to go away by midweek.

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