Foreigner asked to put away video camera after creating panic at -

Foreigner asked to put away video camera after creating panic at school bus stop

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By Lakisha Jackson By Lakisha Jackson

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – A man was let go after accusations of him videotaping children at Chesterfield bus stops turned out to be nothing suspicious.

The man was spotted at more than one bus stop in the Parkway School District with a video camera. School officials at Shenandoah Valley and Green Trails elementary schools even sent out emails warning parents.

As improbable as it sounds, police how say the man was a foreigner simply fascinated by American bus stops.

Complaints about a strange man near bus stops first filtered into Chesterfield police two weeks ago. Residents in the River Bend neighborhood near Olive and 141 got warnings from their neighborhood association that someone was videotaping kids as they climbed aboard school buses.

Chesterfield police quickly found the suspect, but at first did not believe his story.

The man told police he was visiting from Brazil, and was intrigued that Americans stop their cars for children boarding buses. School officials told parents the man said they do not stop for students at buses in his country, and the result is quite dangerous. He said he planned to take the video back to Brazil as an example of how drivers in America respect children by stopping for them.

Chesterfield police say the story checked out and that the man promised to stop any future recordings.

Police are still investigating a separate incident at Shenandoah Valley where a stranger was seen in a van outside the school on September 12. They say it is not connected to this foreign visitor, so they are still warning parents to be on the lookout in that case.

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