News 4 Investigates: Restaurant Kitchen Secrets -

News 4 Investigates: Restaurant Kitchen Secrets

When you go out to eat at a restaurant, you usually can't see into the kitchen, but you trust that the chef and servers are all following health department rules. And most restaurants do a great job of keeping their kitchens clean, handling food properly and taking care of their customers. But if you talk to enough restaurant employees, some will tell you outrageous stories about things they've seen happen in kitchens. Our report, Restaurant Kitchen Secrets, told how some restaurants make use of stale, dry leftovers and how some servers will get back at rude customers by spitting in their food. You can watch the entire report by clicking here.

Some of the stories told about wild and wacky things that have happened in kitchens, were merely accidents. Recently Chef Jacques Pepin was a guest on Great Day St. Louis on KMOV-TV, Channel 4. Chef Pepin is one of America's best known chefs, was personal chef to Charles de Gaulle, turned down the chef job for the Kennedy White House, co-hosted a cooking show with Julia Child and is the author of numerous cookbooks. While he was in the studio preparing for his appearance on the show, he told a story of a mishap that later became the subject of a Saturday Night Live skit. To here Chef Pepin tell the story click here.

If you're old enough, you'll probably remember the SNL skit. Click here to read the entire transcript of the skit that starred Dan Akroyd.

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