News 4 Investigates: ESL Police Board Chairman's Arrest Record -

News 4 Investigates: ESL Police Board Chairman's Arrest Record

On Tuesday, Anthony Tarvin told me that the East St. Louis police department shouldn't have any officers who have been charged with a violent crime.

But apparently the same rules don't apply to Tarvin, the Chairman of the five member East St. Louis Police and Fire Board, who sits in judgement of officers and firefighters.

Tarvin has been charged with Aggravated Assault, Assault or Battery in six different incidents during the last 22 years. All of the charges were eventually dropped.

In 1985-86, Tarvin was charged in three different incidents that prompted criminal charges against him in East St. Louis and Fairview Heights.

Fourteen years ago, Tarvin was charged with punching two different women in the face. In June of 1995, a woman accused Tarvin with hitting her "in the face with his fist." Three months later, a different woman complained that Tarvin hit her on "the body and face with his fist." Both cases were dismissed.

A few years later, Tarvin was charged with a Felony for having "a .25 caliber Beretta semi-automatic pistol, at a time when he was not on his own land, or in his own abode, or fixed place of business." Tarvin pleaded guilty to a Misdemeanor weapons charge and was sentenced to one year of probation. He also paid a $1,000 fine.

In 2007, Tarvin was charged with Battery for shoving East St. Louis Councilman Roy Mosley at City Hall. Three months later the case was dropped.

There's no question Tarvin has the kind of arrest record that would prompt many people to question whether he should sit in judgement of police officers, especially since it's possible some of the officers who arrested him could be disciplined by Tarvin.

But Tarvin insists he is serious about his volunteer job on the Police and Fire Board, and that he can and will help improve the performance of the police department.

Tarvin, like the other Board members, was appointed by the City Council, which includes Mayor Alvin Parks, one of Tarvin's closest political allies.

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