News 4 Investigates: Changing Careers -

News 4 Investigates: Changing Careers

Layoffs at the two Chrysler plants in Fenton have been some of the most highly publicized job losses in recent months. But each week brings a new announcement about cutbacks, downsizing and companies going out of business. The recession is forcing some to think about jumping into a new career field to find a paycheck. It might have others wondering if they need to change careers to something with a more promising future or that might be more fulfilling. News 4 Investigates talked with three people who have made major career changes or are in the process. Plus we talked with two career coaches to find out how to successfully make a switch to a new career, especially if you're not sure what new career to pursue. Here's a quick list of the steps you need to take.

1) Work up the courage to change careers
2) Self Evaluation: what are you're priorities for a the kind of workplace you'd like to be in and what's your real passion in life?
3) Examine whether it's economically feasible to make a switch
4) Research the new career field by talking with a couple of successful people already in that field.
5) From that person you should be able to learn the pluses and minuses, if you're really suited for that field, specific career paths within the field and whether they know of any openings, especially ones that may not be posted.
6) While talking with people during your research, you'll have the chance to explain your strengths and why you're well suited for the field. It's this kind of networking with successful people in the field, career coaches say will help you sell yourself most effectively and could lead to that first job in your new career.

Click here to watch Anna Navarro of Work Transitions, talk about how to change careers.

Click here to watch David Hults, of Active8 Career Coaching, talk about how to change careers.

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