News 4 Investigates: MODOT Feedback -

News 4 Investigates: MODOT Feedback

We received a strong response to our MODOT story.

The comments posted on my blog are strongly against how I reported on the conference. The phone calls to our tipline, and e-mails sent directly to me strongly support the way I reported the story.

One lady said the conference "really ticks me off. I couldn't even afford a trip downtown."

Several viewers described the story as "great."

I also received some scathing reviews, including this one from an anonymous guy who hated it. He called it "a fairly right wing sensationalization at its best. Who gives a s___?" He said the only "scandal" was my story.

One woman told me she was "so disgusted" that she was going to stop watching our news. She called MODOT a company, but of course MODOT is not a company it's a government agency supported by taxpayers. And that is what makes MODOT's use of tax dollars subject to greater scrutiny.

Several angry viewers asked if we had reduced our spending at KMOV. The answer is yes, just like countless other businesses. During this economic crisis I'm sure virtually every business is looking for ways to cut costs and save jobs. Many businesses have greatly reduced travel and training budgets.

I stand by the story. It was accurate and fair. Right now, it looks like half the feedback is negative, half is positive. Don't hesitate to let us know your opinion on any story.

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