News 4 Investigates: Who is hiring now? -

News 4 Investigates: Who is hiring now?

Seen recently: a "now hiring" sign in the window at a local Silky Freeze. Yes, businesses are hiring and there are many more jobs available than those making the frozen version of concrete. News 4 Investigates went digging below the surface of the average help wanted ads to find out who is hiring right now. We found there are some companies that are bucking the downward economic trend and are seeing an increase in business and need to hire more employees. Express Scripts and Monsanto are just two examples.

We also found that the federal government is doing a lot of hiring right now. The responsibilities for the FBI and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers are expanding these days, and along with a reduction in employees caused by attrition, they need to hire more workers. While you've heard a lot about layoffs in the financial sector after the market meltdown, one of the consequences has been the hiring of more bank examiners at the FDIC.

With all of the people who are desperately trying to get a job, it might be hard to believe there are companies that can't find people to fill certain jobs, but it's true. There are a lot of jobs that require specialized training or certain degrees which make it difficult for some companies and government agencies to fill job openings. People who hold engineering degrees are in high demand across many career fields.

These days the preferred way to submit a job application is online. So, I've compiled a list of companies and government agencies that are hiring and the links to the pages on their websites where you can begin the process of applying for a job. Good luck with your job search.

American Radiolabeled Chemicals
Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Edward Jones
Express Scripts
FBI Local applicant coordinator 314-589-2700
Liberty National Life Insurance
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
St. Louis
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

Other Job Opportunities
Other federal government jobs
St. Louis Best
St. Louis Business Journal

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