News 4 Investigates: Stimulus Mess -

News 4 Investigates: Stimulus Mess

The $787 billion federal stimulus bill was supposed to help jump start the economy through a series of programs, including transportation projects. Although the bill will create jobs, many government officials say it's also a mess.

Our story focuses on a few projects, but there are many others in the St. Louis area that were reviewed by the regional group East-West Gateway. Here's the list of Missouri projects. all missouri gateway projects.pdf Here's the list of metro-east projects. gateway illinois stimulus projects.pdf

You can learn more about federal stimulus in Illinois and Missouri by clicking on the links for those states.

Although East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks finds the stimulus program frustrating, he also believes it was created with good intentions and will provide an important boost to the economy.

I interviewed more than a dozen government officials about the stimulus program and there's little doubt that they believe it will help, but nearly all of them also think it's a mess.

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