News 4 Investigates: St. Louis Audits -

News 4 Investigates: St. Louis Audits

A massive state audit of the city of St. Louis will be released next week by State Auditor Susan Montee. In fact, the audit is so big Montee will only reveal part of the findings. She'll disclose the rest of it a week later at a second news conference.

On Tuesday, Montee will announce the results of a report on the city's Department of Human Services, the Lead Safe St. Louis Program and the Department of Health.

A week later, she'll discuss audits of the Streets Department, the Office of Collector of Revenue and the Office of the License Collector.

Montee launched the audit after receiving a petition signed by more than 7,700 St. Louis residents.

I've put together a collection of links for recent state audits of government agencies in St. Louis: City of St. Louis Community and Economic Development Offices, City of St. Louis Information Technology Services Agency, the City Treasurer's office and the City Comptroller's office.

Stay tuned for the results of the most recent findings on Tuesday.

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