News 4 Investigates: Sarah Palin -

News 4 Investigates: Sarah Palin

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is resigning, and won't say why. It seems likely that she will step down so that she can devote herself full-time to running for President in 2012.

Although she was the frequent target of critics, there's no doubt that Palin energized the conservative Republican base during her brief time as John McCain's runningmate. Last August, she spoke to an estimated 17,000 supporters during a rally in O'Fallon, Missouri. McCain was the party nominee for President, but many of the supporters were there to see Palin. The GOP Vice-Presidential nominee spent alot of time in Missouri last fall, at one point visiting three times in 11 days.

Palin's conservative views were strongly supported by many Christians. In fact, there's a website called Palin's support isn't limited to prayers. There's a political action committee formed in her name called SarahPAC, which "supports Gov. Sarah Palin's plans to build a better, stronger, and safer America in the 21st century," according to the PAC's website. It doesn't reveal anything about Palin's interest in running for President.

Palin has more than 560,000 "friends" on her Facebook page. It goes without saying that the comments are overwhelmingly positive. However, one "friend" named Michael posted a few minutes ago and has already set the Presidential ticket for the next Presidential race: PALIN/SATAN2012.

Gov. Palin apparently doesn't have an official Twitter page. There's an unofficial Palin account with more than 6,000 followers reporting on her. The username is SarahPalin. (President Obama's official Twitter page has 1.6 million followers)

Another alleged Palin page makes fun of her. The user name is SarahPalin_. Notice the _ after Palin. The bainchild behind it has only tweeted 12 times, and that happened within 9 minutes last September. The messages include the word "hello," which was sent three times within a minute, followed by "Is there anyone out there?"

Clearly, there's still tremendous interest in Sarah Palin. Many conservatives love her, liberals love to make fun of her.

Whatever, you think of her, she is a major force in the Republican party. We may find out soon what role she wants to play in it.

Palin's last day in office is July 26. She'll be replaced by the Lt. Governor.

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