News 4 Investigates: The Other Woman -

News 4 Investigates: The Other Woman

When Christopher Coleman goes on trial in the murder of his wife, Sheri, and two sons, Garett and Gavin, the most important witness may be his mistress. But who is she? What's her story? News 4 Investigates wanted to find out, so I poured through court documents from the case to learn what investigators have revealed about the affair. Then I traveled to Tampa, Florida to see where she lives and works and to try to talk to her.

The other woman's name is Tara Lintz. She attended the same high school as Sheri Coleman, graduating a year after Sheri. The two kept in contact through the years. Tara and Sheri were friends on MySpace. The photo of her in a bikini is one that she took and posted on her MySpace page. It appears that Chris and Tara began an email relationship because of the MySpace connection. Court documents show that they exchanged explicit emails and phone calls before they ever met in person. It was in November of 2008, when Chris traveled with Joyce Meyer to Saint Petersburg, Florida for a conference, where Chris and Tara's relationship turned physical. Afterward, they opened a joint credit card to pay for her to fly to Hawaii and Arizona, where Tara met Chris as he traveled and provided security for Joyce Meyer. The two were planning a cruise together in August and to get married in January of next year. Court documents show that Sheri and her two sons were found murdered on the day that Chris told his mistress that his wife would be served with divorce papers. After the murders, Coleman created a new email address and sent her an email, saying that he was innocent and had an alibi.

In the Tampa area, we found Lintz working at the Derby Lane greyhound racing track in St. Petersburg. She was working in the track's poker room, as a cocktail waitress. The poker room is a bustling operation, even when the dogs aren't racing. As we watched Tara work, it was clear that she's a friendly, outgoing person. Some of the poker players seemed to be regulars and called her by name. While in Florida, we confirmed that Tara once worked at a gentlemen's club, but as a hostess and not a stripper.

We went to the condominiums where Tara lives. It's located in St. Petersburg and according to local records, it's jointly owned by Lintz and her ex-husband. Her place stands out from the other condos because of the rhinoceros number plate on the door. In the parking lot, we found a black Cadillac registered to her father. We knocked several times, but Lintz never answered her door. It's safe to assume that she's been instructed by detectives working on the case, not to talk to the news media.

Court documents show that Lintz was looking for a job in the St. Louis area. She and Chris Coleman were planning a life together but first he had to get out of his marriage. Prosecutors say he didn't wait to get divorced and murdered his family to clear the way to marry his mistress. Now the only reason Lintz will have for traveling to the St. Louis area, is to testify at her lover's murder trial.


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