News 4 Investigates: All Star Secrets -

News 4 Investigates: All Star Secrets

Some of the greatest baseball players in America used phony names to protect themselves from unwanted phone calls during their stay at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront. Some of the players and managers who stayed there during the recent All Star break used alias' like Michael Corleone, Ron Burgendy, Pancho Villa and Lamont Sanford.

The Hyatt provided the rooms for all of the All Stars, players and managers, after winning the competitive contract from Major League Baseball. Brian Morris, the Hyatt Riverfront's Director of Sales and Marketing, showed us the $3,000 a night executive suite used by Joe Maddon, the AL Manager. Maddon's 18th floor suite had a bedroom at each end and a huge lounge area with a wet bar and several big screen tvs. He also had a terrific view of St. Louis, which included the green dome of the old courthouse and Busch Stadium. It was by far the best room rented by an All Star.

We don't have any All Star horror stories for you. The Hyatt isn't going to tell us anything bad about the players, managers or executives. This is a feel good story delivered by a corporation that just invested $63 million into the Hyatt Riverfront. Frankly, many professional athletes aren't the smiling, autograph signing wonder boys portrayed by some of the Hyatt staff, but that's okay. The Hyatt employees were professional, nice, patient and gave us a good story.

No wonder Lamont Sanford was such a big tipper.

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