News 4 Investigates: Sewer Problems -

News 4 Investigates: Sewer Problems

Imagine a large hole in your yard is filled with raw sewage. Now, imagine it's someone else's fault, you got billed for it and no one is willing to explain how it happened?

That's the situation facing Lynette Williams, who lives in a home in Berkeley, Mo. Eight years ago, she thought she purchased a house hooked up to a sewer system.

She was wrong.

When sewage backed up on her property, she hired workers to repair it. They discovered she had a septic tank, and it was broken. Now she has three large holes in her yard. Waste flows directly from her toilet to the largest of the three holes.

The smell is overwhelming.

It turns out that MSD has been collecting sewer fees on the property for 18 years, even though it never connected the home to its sewer system. MSD credited Williams' account, but has refused to send her a check. MSD and the city Of Berkeley decline to say how it happened, who is responsible for fixing it or who will pay for the repairs.

Berkeley threatened to fine Ms. Williams, but after we talked to Acting City Manager Frank McCall, the city is holding off on the fines. McCall declined to be interviewed. However, he indicated the city will try to work things out with her.

MSD spokesman Lance Lecomb also declined to discuss basic facts of the case, but said that the agency is "looking into it."

The only one who seems to be in a hurry is the woman with raw sewage in her yard.

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