News 4 Investigates: Ike's Place -

News 4 Investigates: Ike's Place

As I watched the "Knights of the Round Table" perform I realized that I was seeing something very special, and I might never see it again.

The Knights were a collection of amatuer musicians who played guitars, a fiddle and sang beautiful hymns and folk songs that reflected the innocence I rarely see as a reporter. They played every Tuesday night at Ike's Place-The Chat and Chew, a small diner in Leasburg, Missouri, a tiny town eighty miles southwest of St. Louis.

I remember thinking that if people could spend a few hours at Ike's on Tuesday night, they would feel better about themselves and the people around them, and that feeling would last long after the music stopped and the doors closed.

Ike was the nickname for Eileen Vaughn, the owner and hostess of Ike's. Since our visit nine years ago, Ike has sold the restaruant to her daughter-in-law Theresa, but Ike is still there every day. Theresa owns it, but it will always be Ike's Place.

Ike is 85 now, moving slower, but still at the restaurant every day. Lee West, a singer and guitarist, and the unofficial lead Knight, is 80, and still plays on Tuesday night. He's 80.

In music, and in life, everyone has a place. The little diner in the little town is Ike's.

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