McKee's Northside Plan -

McKee's Northside Plan

Developer Paul McKee tried for years to keep his plan a secret. He bought rundown properties on the city's northside through seemingly unrelated companies, eventually building a large real estate portfolio that forms much of the land for his ambitious project.

Blogger Michael Allen has written repeatedly about McKee's project. McKee, apparently tired of getting pummeled by bloggers, northside residents, politicians and many others, decided to take more control over his message by creating a website and his own channel on youtube.

He also provides copies of his recent TIF proposal, which was approved last night by the St. Louis city TIF committee.

The bottom line is this: For years McKee allowed everyone, but his company to take control of his message, a basic PR blunder. Now, through the website, community meetings and videos he's attempting to regain control of his message, hoping that he can convince the public that his project is in the best interests of not only his company, but the city and thousands of northside residents as well.

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