Jessie's Courageous Fight -

Jessie's Courageous Fight

Ten year old Jessie Kuebler is one of the most courageous children I've ever met. She's survived a stem cell transplant, repeated rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, and is now battling cancer in her brain and spine as well as a serious infection.

Diagnosed with cancer two months after she was born, Jessie has been cancer-free, but it keeps coming back. Her parents don't make a lot of money so they are grateful for the help provided by "corporate angels" and friends.

Jessie's story has touched many people. The New York Times wrote about her three years ago.

This is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. On Saturday, National Children's Cancer Society will hold a walk to benefit children like Jessie. The 5K race is scheduled to begin at 8am. The walk starts at 9am. Both will be held in Forest Park.

Here's a list of fundraisers planned to help Jessie:

Friday, October 2, Mouse Races at Firefighter's Hall near Bevo Mill in south St. Louis.

Sat, October 17, at 7am, Rummage Sale at Kellison Elementary Hawkins Rd. Fenton, MO Rockwood School District.

To learn more about Jessie go to .

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