News 4 Investigates: Burglaries -

News 4 Investigates: Burglaries

My Neighborhood Crime Alert stories air each Monday during News 4 at 10pm. They focus on clusters of crimes that are occurring in neighborhoods across the metro area. Each week I'll contact more than 30 police departments to check on crime activity and read police crime reports to see what's going on and to choose the focus of each week's story. Some of the most common crimes are thefts from cars and home burglaries. And all too often the victims make it easy on the crooks by leaving the doors to their cars or house, unlocked. GPS devices, cell phones and iPods are just flying out of unlocked cars. And enough yard tools were stolen from unlocked garages this summer to equip an army of lawn care workers.

St. Louis County police recently arrested a suspect that they believe could be responsible for numerous crimes like these all across the county. 37-year-old Michael C. Martin of Hillsboro is charged with 8 counts of burglary and 8 counts of felony stealing. It's believed he hit several homes and cars on Princeton Ridge Drive in Wildwood, September 13th & 14th. Investigators recovered some of the stolen loot and are checking the possibility that he also hit homes in Eureka and Sunset Hills.

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