News 4 Investigates: Extended Auto Warranties -

News 4 Investigates: Extended Auto Warranties

Our story focused on, a company that aggressively markets extended auto warranties. The warranties, which can cost $2,000 or more for two years of coverage, are administered by "about a dozen" different companies, according to StopRepairs spokesman Michael Carter.

StopRepairs shares a St. Peters office building with National Dealers Warranty Inc. The Better Business Bureau gives the companies an F rating based on more than 300 consumer complaints during the past three years and other issues. The BBB report also shows that the companies resolved or administratively closed all of those cases.

Our report was prompted by a complaint by Shirley Allen. Ms. Allen bought coverage through StopRepairs. The coverage was administered by a third party, but much of her anger is directed at StopRepairs, which she believes mislead her about the coverage.

StopRepairs insists that it was in the process of paying for Ms. Allen's claim when we called. Even Carter admits it should have been paid, and that Ms. Allen should not have been forced to wait nearly three weeks to get the vehicle repaired. Carter told me the car would be fixed this week, although he called it a coincidence that Ms. Allen's repeated complaints were addressed after we contacted the company.

You can file consumer complaints with the BBB, the Illinois Attorney General and the Missouri Attorney General.

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