Reality check -

Reality check

I'm not officially a mom yet, but my journey into motherhood is rapidly approaching. As of today I have approximately 67 days to go, but who's counting. As D-Day gets closer and closer I find myself becoming a little more nervous each day. This is for real...I am actually going to be a parent. I'm going to be somebody's mom. My husband and I are going to be responsible for this little person's life. A couple of months ago that was a cute little daydream, now it's a role that will be here very, very soon.

There are two things that scare me most about this...first, it's the labor. Everything that I have seen and heard has made it seem like a pretty long and painful process. Should I get an epidural? Should I just tough it out naturally? What if something goes wrong? What if I'm in labor for days? These are the questions I ponder every night...since I can't sleep anyway.

Second, it's my lack of experience. I know that women have been having babies for thousands of years and have always figured out how to take care of them, but...then there's me. All I can think about is what I don't know. How do I know when to feed him and how much food he needs? What brand of diapers will be best? What items on the baby registry do I absolutely need? What do I do if he just won't stop crying? What do I do if I just can't stop crying?

There are a lot of things to think about. I want to be a great mom for my little boy, and I want to be prepared, so to all you mom's out there...HELP! If there's one thing I've gotten since announcing that I'm expecting, it's advice. So here is your chance. Feel free to post your helpful hints and advice. I need all the help I can get. But please, save those birthing horror stories for after my baby arrives!

Posted by: Afton Spriggs

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