The Need to Nest -

The Need to Nest

There are a lot of things you hear about when you are pregnant. There are a lot of things you can't eat, or can't do, but there are also things that you are told will start happening to you. I didn't really believe in the whole "nesting" thing until it started happening to me. Let me tell you, the nesting phase of my pregnancy is in full swing.

My husband and I have been in the process of moving for the last two months. We bought a home that needed some work, so we weren't able to move in right away. Two months ago, this was not a huge deal for me. Now that I have the urge to nest, the process is driving me crazy!

I want to clean and organize everything. I was already an organized person, but now I'm just ridiculous. While my husband and my family work on the remodeling, I'm close behind with a trash bag, a broom and a mop. My efforts are useless in a construction zone, but I do it nonetheless. All I can think about is how I'm going to set up our closets, our kitchen cabinets and how I can't wait to utilize all of the storage space in my basement! Yeah!

Then there's the baby's room. I am trying to convince myself that the baby's room can wait until we get all settled in. After all, we're moving in this weekend, and our little boy won't be here until October. No matter how much I remind myself that I have two months left to work on the nursery, I can't shake the nesting urge. His room is all I can think about. I probably have 20 different paint sample cards laying on my kitchen counter and 5 or 6 that I carry in my purse. The people at Babies R Us are starting to look at me funny when I walk in, walk to my son's bedding set and begin holding up the samples and staring for at least 10 minutes. Then I walk out shaking my head, telling myself none of these colors will do and another trip to the Home Depot is in order. My husband tries to tell me that even if our son's room is not done, he will not know the difference. Our baby won't know if the paint color perfectly matches the window valance, he won't know if his name is spelled out in big, painted wood letters on the wall, and he won't know if he doesn't have all of the accessories that match his bedding. While logic tells me my husband is right (don't tell him that) my nesting instinct tells me that I have got to hurry and get this nursery finished.

Moving day is tomorrow, and hopefully, working on my baby boy's nursery is not far behind!

Posted by: Afton Spriggs

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