New baby safety products -

New baby safety products

It's summertime in St. Louis and that means blazing hot temperatures and humidity so thick you could slice it with a knife. Every year as the temperatures go up, we hear terrible stories of babies dying after being left in hot cars. These stories break my heart.

As a mommy-to-be, I worry about my baby's safety constantly. I have a big fear of my baby boy being left in a hot car. Not that my husband and I are irresponsible, nor is anyone that I would entrust with my little boy, but accidents do happen. So, I started doing some research.

While planning for my baby's arrival, I started Googling some baby safety products. I came across the website for Baby Alert International. This company has two products to help prevent babies from being left unattended in cars

One is a clip that you buckle when you buckle the car seat. Buckling the clip activates the device that communicates with a sensor that you carry on your keychain. The device stays activated until you unbuckle it to get your baby out of the seat. If you walk away from the car and the child is still buckled in the seat, an alarm goes off on your keychain. Pretty cool, huh?

They have a similar product only instead of something that clips onto the car seat, it is a pad that you place where the baby sits in the seat. The weight of the baby activates this device. Other than that it works the same as the other.

I haven't heard of anyone else using these products, but I am very interested in getting one. If any of you parents out there have heard about these or used them, please let me know what you thought about them. I will try anything to make sure that my baby is safe.

I'm also looking for advice about another baby safety product. I originally registered for those mirrors that you strap onto the headrest in the backseat of your car so that when you look in your rearview mirror you see your baby. Then I realized neither of our cars has the headrests in the backseat that you strap the mirrors to. Is there another way to make these work? Is there a similar product for cars without headrests?

I need some help from some experienced mommies.

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