Call me crazy... -

Call me crazy...

Right now, I'm at a very busy time in my life. My husband and I are still trying to get settled into our first home. We just moved in last weekend and are still unpacking, painting and making minor fix-ups to the house, a task that keeps us busy everyday. Also, I'm 7 months pregnant with our first child. Which means, what's left of our time is spent gearing up for our baby boy's arrival. So things at the Spriggs' house are pretty hectic right now, and they got a little crazier Tuesday night.

Tuesday was my husband's birthday and I decided to get him something he had been wanting since we first got married...a dog. Yes, that's right, I'm in the middle of moving and getting ready for a baby, so I thought, 'Hey, let's add a dog to the mix!' Lucky for us, Sophie is a really great dog.

She is housetrained, crate-trained and knows several commands. She is a border-collie/Australian shepherd mix, so she is high energy and she does play a little rough, but these kinds of dogs are supposed to be really good with kids. The only problem we are having is she is chewing things up, but that's to be expected with a puppy.

So, am I crazy? I would say my husband and I definitely have our hands full! And come October, when the baby arrives, we will have an even fuller house. But I say, the more the merrier!

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