The great weight debate -

The great weight debate

I'm going to the doctor today. Not that this is a big event in my life, I go every two weeks and soon, I'll be going every week. But, no matter how many times I've been there, I dread it every time. The reason...that horrible, awful scale!

No woman likes the scale, at least none of the women I know. During my pregnancy, however, I have found a new hatred for this contraption. Here's why...during my first appointment at my current OBGYN, (I switched doctors within the first couple of weeks of my pregnancy) my doctor told me that he would like me to only gain about 20 pounds during the course of my pregnancy. He said 30 at the most. Ever since then I have had those numbers burned into my brain. I'm a goal-oriented, semi-competitive person, so I saw this as a challenge and something that I had to stick to. Now, at week 32, I am struggling.

Two of my best friends are pregnant, and due around the same time as I am. We always call each other after doctor visits to let everyone know how it went. The weight gain has become one of our main topics of conversation lately. It's always, "You won't believe how much I've gained..." Now, I've not only turned this into a competition for myself, now I'm comparing myself to my friends. Not good.

I have a built-in defense for myself every time I step off the scale and hear those horrible numbers. Here's my excuse...I switched doctors within weeks of becoming pregnant. At my very first appointment, with the first doctor, they took my weight. That was to be my starting/pre-pregnancy weight. It was my normal weight. Then, I switched doctors. In between the first and the second doctor, morning sickness hit me hard. When I got on the scale at my new doctor's office, I had lost five pounds. So, my new (and current) doctor started me five pounds lighter than what my pre-pregnancy weight should have been. Now each time I step off the scale, I get to subtract five. Because really, I gained back five pounds that I lost, which would have put me back at my original weight. So my new doctor doesn't have me at the right starting weight. He counts the five pounds that I gained back as actual weight gain. Oh well, I know the truth!

The worst news about this weight thing is that during these last couple of weeks, I'm going to gain at least a pound a week. And I have eight weeks left. Yikes. My doctor's advice...lay off the ice cream. My one gets between a pregnant woman and her ice cream.

Now every time I go to the doctor, I cringe as the scale slowly balances. What's it going to be this week? I won't tell you the exact number, but I'll tell you whether I'm pleased or not. Cross your fingers for me!

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