Good news! -

Good news!

The last time we "talked" I was headed to the dreaded doctor's office for my regular visit. I told you at the end of the last blog that I would let you know how the visit went. Well...good news! I only gained one pound, which is exactly on target. My doctor was so proud of me. I told her how hard I had been trying to eat healthy and exercise. Not only for my weight (and pride), but for my baby's sake. I was so proud of myself, that I came home and had some ice cream! Oh well, at least I'm trying, right.

I have some more good news to tell you about. In another one of my previous posts, I was explaining how the nesting urge had hit me hard! Well last night, my wonderful aunt, uncle and husband painted the nursery. It looks so good! We chose an apple green color and I just love it! So, now I have just a few things left on my nursery to-do list and they are about to be crossed off too. The baby bedding is being shipped as we speak and my husband and my dad plan to assemble the furniture this week. So, it looks like my baby boy's nursery will be done before we know it. Then I can finally get off my husband's back and feel like our home is ready to welcome our little boy.

Needless to say, it has been a good week in the Spriggs' house. Just thought I'd share a little bit of it with you. I will definitely be posting pictures of the nursery as soon as it is done.

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