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Why didn't I think of that?

Another celebrity baby has made his way into our world. Rocker-chick Gwen Stefani gave birth yesterday to a little boy. Now the part I always look forward to...what did they name him? Zuma Nesta Rock. Yes, that's the precious baby's name. Interesting to say the least! Why didn't I think of that? Too bad it's taken now. Bummer.

I'm all for unique names. My name (Afton) is different. Aside from the city, you don't hear it that much. I love when I introduce myself to people and they say, "Oh...that's different." Not, that's pretty, or I like that name, no...they say "that's different." Thank you? I guess. It really doesn't bother me, I like my name and I like names that are different.

Picking a baby name is a huge deal. This is the name they will have for the rest of their life. It is the name that will be read when he walks across the platform to get his diploma, it's the name he will say when he shake hands at a job interview, it's the name that will be shouted from the counter at the Bread Company when his order is ready. The name is a big deal!

My husband and I struggled for months over the name of our baby. I had a list of 10 boy names and 10 girl names and we went back and forth over the name. I'll admit, some of them were kinda out there. Before we went in for the ultrasound to see the baby's gender, we had decided on our boy name (for the most part) but we had no idea what we were going to name a little girl. Thank goodness we're having a boy. Once we knew that piece of information, we only had one decision left to make...the middle name.

We were set on the first name, but went back and forth over the middle. In my family, our middle names are all family names. In my husband's family, they are not named after anyone. I wanted to give our little boy a middle name that came from someone in our family, my husband didn't really get it. Well...I won! The middle name we picked for our little boy is my great-grandpa's middle name. My great-grandpa is an amazing man. He's 94-years-old, still drives and he and my great-grandma still live on their own. Not to mention, he is a man of character, something I want my little boy to be.

So, you're probably wondering what the name is. I'm terrible at keeping secrets, but this one I'm not telling. I've told my family and friends, but I want you Mommy Diaries readers to be surprised. It's not that common, but at the same time it is not unheard of. I think it's a little unique, but not weird. I will tell you this, while my husband would probably love it, the baby's middle name is not Rock.

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