So far... so good! -

So far... so good!

Today Sophie didn't have school. Telling her that was like telling her she couldn't go to a birthday party. Holy Smokes!!! I seriously don't remember loving school as much as Sophie does. Everyday she is full of stories. Her folder is full of masterpieces that she hopes will rotate their way onto the fridge. I'm considering buying a larger fridge just to accomodate the artwork. As parents we've also run into a bit of a situation with the other child. Lizzie appears to be VERY jealous that she does not get to partake in the Kindergarten fun. We keep reassuring her that very soon her day will come... of course that day must come with underpants and not diapers (see previous posting). I know this is a short entry, but I felt I needed to update on the first week of school. The gals will be visiting KMOV on Monday so I'm hoping to capture some of the excitement.

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