Almost done! -

Almost done!

It was another productive weekend at the Spriggs' house. We got a ton of work done on our nursery. Things are really starting to take shape and I can almost see my little boy sleeping in his crib and relaxing in his swing. I can't wait!

This weekend daddy (to be) assembled the changing table and the swing. He and my dad put the crib together a couple of weeks ago, so my husband was pretty confident that he could tackle the rest by himself. He did a great job.

While my husband was putting things together, I spent the weekend washing all of the baby's clothes, sheets and blankets. I had three large loads worth of clothes for him. His closet is already full and now we're going to have to buy a dresser to store the rest of his clothes. The best part, we haven't had to buy any of the clothes ourselves. We have had so many kind people give us hand-me-downs and buy us clothes that our little boy has enough adorable outfits to last him through most of the first year. How awesome is that!

Now, the room is painted, the furniture is assembled and most of the accessories are in place. My husband is hanging the curtains today (since he has the day off and obviously I don't!) and my glider should be coming in sometime this week. We still have a few things to buy, but for the most part, we are ready for the arrival of our baby boy. promised, here are few pictures of my nursery. We're still trying to figure out how we are going to incorporate our little boy's name into the room. We don't know if we should just paint it onto the walls, or hang some wooden letters, or what. Any suggestions?

Here is the changing table that my husband put together

This is the swing that daddy-to-be also assembled. It swings front to back and side to side and plays these soothing rainforest sounds. It's awesome!

Just to give you some perspective, here is a quick video tour of what the room looked like before. It will help you appreciate how far we've come. I will do a video tour of the nursery when it is complete.

Video tour

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