Counting down -

Counting down

The countdown is on! I only have 27 days until my due date and I'm really hoping I don't go past that. Not because I'm terribly miserable or uncomfortable, but because I just can't wait to meet my little boy. I can't wait to finally hold him and see who he looks like. I have a feeling he will look just like his dad!

I'm down to just a few items on my "to-do-before-baby" list. I'm going on my final big shopping trip this week to get a few last minute necessities...a diaper pail, some bottles and some baby medical supplies.

Overall, I feel ready. I never thought I'd say that, but I finally feel like I'm there. I've had plenty of time to nest, the nursery is mostly ready (we're going to put his name on the wall this weekend) and I have almost all of the baby supplies in place. Now, it's just a waiting game. When will he arrive? I guess the anticipation is half the fun.

On a side note, we're on the verge of a baby boom in my circle of friends. The first of my three pregnant friends is due next week. She's the only one not in the picture, and she's due next Monday. My other friend (on the right) is due the Monday after that. And my other friend (on the left) and I are both due two Mondays after that. We all like this picture because it was taken from an angle that doesn't quite capture just how huge we all are :) Wish us luck!

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