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BPA + bottles = panic!

This morning I was watching the CBS Early Show and they had a report about BPA in plastics. Apparently you shouldn't use products, like baby bottles, that contain BPA. I had heard a little bit about this, but hadn't really heard a lot of moms talk about it. My doctors never mentioned it either. Plus, I guess I just figured that stores wouldn't sell bottles that weren't safe for babies.

On Friday, I went on my final pre-baby shopping trip, and bottles were among the things I purchased. I had originally registered for Dr. Brown's bottles that were BPA free, but when I went to the store, they were sold out of the specific bottles I registered for. So, I bought a different kind of Dr. Brown's bottles, thinking that all of this brand of bottles were all BPA free.

After watching the report this morning and doing a little research on the bottles I bought, I found out that the bottles I have are not BPA free. Now the panic is settling in!

I have already opened the bottles, sanitized them and thrown away the box, so there is no way I can take them back. What do I do now? I don't want to use bottles that could hurt my baby. Am I making a big deal out of nothing? I know that no one was worried about BPA when I was a baby and I turned out okay...for the most part :) So, to all the moms out there...help! What would you do? Should I buy new bottles and just throw these away? Should I use the ones I bought? I'm not sure. Please, feel free to give me your advice.

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