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False alarm!

I had quite a scare last night, and in the midst of my pain I realized, I'm ready for this baby, but I'm not ready for this baby!

Early yesterday evening I started to get some intense pain that would start in my lower back and then wrap around to my abdomen. The pain was so intense, I could hardly move and it would come and go in spurts. I called my mom and described what I was feeling and she said it sounded like contractions. So I started timing them. The contractions were a little more than five minutes apart. Then I really started to freak out!

My husband rushed home from work and the two of us went back and forth, trying to decide whether or not to go to the hospital. We had made up our minds to go, when I remembered that my doctor had given me a list of reasons to go to the hospital. My husband ran to the fridge and began reading the list. It said that if you are having contractions to try walking around. The paper said that real contractions will get worse, while false labor will begin to ease up if you move around or change how you are laying.

When my husband suggested walking, I almost laughed, except that I was doubled over in pain. I could hardly breathe, how was I going to go for a walk? But, we tried it. I limped around our yard a couple of times and sat back down. Then we watched the clock. Surprisingly, the contractions stopped. I could breathe again. The panic disappeared from my husband's face and I'm sure my expression reflected my relief, too.

This false labor ordeal was a nice wake-up call for my husband and I. This baby is going to be here in about two and a half weeks, and while we are ready to meet him, we are still really scared, first-time parents. I'm sure our reactions were like something you would see on TV. Frantic, panicked, young parents-to-be trying to make a decision under pressure. In retrospect, it's pretty funny.

I also realized, this whole labor thing, is probably going to be pretty painful. I mean, if the false labor was that bad, what's the real thing going to be like? That's what I mean when I say I'm ready for this baby, but I'm not ready for this baby. I'm ready for my little boy to be here, but I'm not ready for the pain. I'm definitely getting the epidural!

After what happened last night, I'm packing my bag for the hospital as soon as I get home from work!

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