Two down, two to go -

Two down, two to go

As I'm sure I have mentioned, several times, I have three good friends that are having babies around the same time as I am and we are all having little boys. It has been a very exciting week in my circle of friends. Two of the girls had their babies this week. I could not be more excited!

Brody arrived on Monday night and Parker was born this morning. Both baby boys and both mommies are doing great.

The arrival of my friends' babies has me really anxious. I am just living in this world of anticipation, where at every little move I'm thinking...could this be it? Is that a real contraction? Is it time yet? I am even more excited to meet my little boy after seeing pictures of my friends holding theirs. I cannot wait! These past few weeks have been the longest weeks of my life!

My other friend and I are both due in 12 days. Her doctor seems to think she will have her baby next week. I hope I am not far behind. I'll keep you posted and, if their moms will let me, I'll post photos of Parker and Brody. They are too cute!

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