Yes...I'm still here -

Yes...I'm still here

I have six days left until my due date and I just want to take this opportunity to tell all of my co-workers, yes...I'm still here. Not only am I still here, but I will continue to show up to the newsroom everyday until my baby boy is born, unless my doctor says otherwise.

The closer I get to D-day, the more people I have stop me on a daily basis and say, "Afton, you're still here?" or "When are you going to have that baby?" or "Any day now, right?" get the idea.

It has become a running joke in our morning editorial meeting. Every morning when I walk into the conference room at 9:30 and take my seat for the meeting, our assistant news director stops the meeting and says, "Hey everyone, look, Afton is still here." We all laugh and then I say, "Yep...only ___ days left." He is convinced this baby isn't coming until Christmas. All I can say is, if this baby comes late, I will never live it down.

Everyone here swears that I've been pregnant for at least a year. Trust me, it feels like it to me, too.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not irritated. As long as you don't comment on how incredibly huge I am, we're cool. I'm glad that my co-workers care and are excited about me having this baby. It's fun to have so many people taking an interest in this big event in my life. So to my co-workers, don't read this the wrong way, you're all still welcome to ask me everyday if I'm ever going to have this baby. Just know that Marc Cox has decided that every person who says, "Afton, you're still here?" owes a dollar to my son's college fun. So, bring it on!

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