Santa baby -

Santa baby

In this blog, I usually have a new topic for each entry. Sometimes I ask for advice, sometimes I share what new experiences I'm going through, sometimes I just vent. But I'm going to be honest with you, this entry is nothing more than an opportunity for me to shamelessly post Jude's Christmas picture.

I'll admit it, I love showing off pictures of my little boy. Here's our Santa baby:

He's going to hate this picture when we show it at his high school graduation party!

Since we're on the topic of Christmas...

This year will be Jude's first Christmas and even though he won't remember it, my husband and I want it to be really special. Tonight we are going to get our Christmas tree. Last year, despite my protesting, we had a fake tree. This year, we are getting a real one. My husband never had a real tree growing up and my family never used a fake one. So we are getting the real one, but we are compromising and using small, twinkle lights on the tree (my family always used big lights).

We are trying to start forming our own family Christmas traditions now so that as Jude grows up, he will have great memories of Christmas time with his family. It's just so hard to make new traditions when my husband's family and my family have very different ones that each of us want to hold onto. So instead of doing things exactly the same as one of our families did, we want to try something different.

We have decided to try to pick the things we like best from our childhood Christmases and combine them to make completely new holiday traditions for our family. And when we get to a point where our preferences clash, we are going to try our best to compromise (that's what marriage is all about right). So, we are open to suggestions. I always find other people's Christmas activities really interesting, so if there is something special that your family does, share it with me. I'd love to hear about what you do and maybe my family will want to try it, too!

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