Believing in Santa -

Believing in Santa

As a parent, life is full of major decisions that you will have to make regarding how you will raise your children. What morals will you teach them, what values will you instill, what memories will you help pressure, right? Well, my son Jude is only 2 ½ months old and is experiencing his first Christmas. He really doesn't grasp much of what is going on this year, but next year, he will be over a year old at Christmas, and will have a better handle on what's going on around him.

That leads us to the dilemma my husband and I are facing...will we make Santa Claus a part of Jude's Christmas memories? Is it wrong to teach your kids about Santa? Is it considered lying? Will he be deprived of happy Christmas memories without Santa or will he be scarred when he learns the truth about the Jolly Old Elf?

My husband and I both grew up believing in Santa and we both enjoyed it. It made Christmas so much fun. I can remember laying in bed on Christmas Eve and not being able to sleep because I was so excited about Santa coming. As a parent, I want Jude to have that same excitement. I want to see the surprise on his face when he wakes up Christmas morning. My only issue...I don't want to lie to my son.

How do bring Santa into our lives without lying. I know a lot of people say it is a harmless lie, but I don't want to lie at all. Some of our friends with children around Jude's age have already decided that Santa won't be a part of their Christmas celebrations. But how do you avoid it? Santa is the mall, on TV, at school. That chubby, bearded face is on everything this time of year. This probably won't happen next year, but what about when Jude starts to ask about him?

How do you do it? How does a child truly believe in Santa without some twisting of the truth on the parents' part? I've heard some people say that they tell their kids that Santa is a game that you play at Christmas, but then, do they really believe if they know it's fake all along? If we're gonna to do the Santa thing, we're gonna do it all out, not just halfway.

If we do include Santa into Christmastime, what will happen when Jude learns the truth? When he finds out that Santa isn't real, will he be angry? Will he think we're liars? Will he not trust us about other things? I know that when I found out, I was very sad, but I wasn't mad at my parents. It hasn't taught me that lying is okay and it hasn't made me doubt other things that I believe in. I just don't know what we should do. Thankfully, we have at least another year to figure this out.

All you mommies out there, tell do you approach the Santa issue? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment below.

In case you're wondering, we did take Jude to see Santa. Here is his picture. He slept through it, but seemed to comfortable with Santa.

Hope that you and your family have a safe and very, merry Christmas!

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