So close...yet so far away -

So close...yet so far away

Sleep...oh how I still miss our time together! We used to be close, but my how time has driven us further apart. We used to spend at least 7 solid hours together each night during the week and then a little more time enjoying each other's company on the weekends. Those days are long gone! So long sleep, my dear old friend, maybe we'll meet again when my kid(s) are grown. Until then, I will cherish the memories of our time together.

I thought I was getting close to enjoying a solid night's sleep again...something I haven't experienced since about the second trimester of my pregnancy. Jude, my three-month-old son who still does not sleep through the night yet, has started sleeping longer, but still wakes up once in the middle of the night to eat. The other night he slept for 7 hours. I really thought we were on the brink of a solid night's sleep, but then, the next night he only slept 5 hours before waking up to eat again. We were back at square one.

I blogged about the sleep issue when Jude was just 8 weeks old. That was over a month ago and nothing has changed. My son doesn't seem any closer to getting a full, uninterupted night of sleep.

My husband and I have tried everything to try to get Jude to sleep all night and nothing seems to work. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to our son's sleep pattern. It doesn't matter what time we feed him, how much he is fed, what time we put him down for the night, the kid just won't do it. We've tried to form a bedtime routine, he gets a bath every other night using the bedtime bath soap (on the nights that he doesn't get a bath we just use the bedtime lotion), we put him in his jammies, feed him, rock him while reading a story, and then off to bed. Sometimes Jude is ready for bed after this nightly ritual, sometimes he just giggles and squirms and fusses as my husband and I try to hold the binky in his mouth and rub his head until he falls asleep. The bottom line matter what we do, this kid will not sleep through the night and my husband and I are still exhausted!

What can we do? The only "expert" advice I can get is form a bedtime routine (done...see previous paragraph) and get your baby on a schedule (here's where I struggle). It seems impossible for me to get Jude on a schedule. With my husband and I both working and Jude going to two different places while we work, I don't know how to do the schedule thing. Plus, Jude is teething, so this has had a huge impact on his eating and sleeping habits. Maybe I should save the schedule topic for a whole separate blog, because it is something that just baffles me as a new mom!

Anyway, as usual, I am open to any advice on this topic. What did you do to get your kids to sleep all night? How old were they before they did it? Are your little ones on a specific schedule? How do you working moms do the whole schedule thing if you aren't at home with your little one all day? Do you make the sitter do it? How early do you start a schedule?

Just for fun, here is a picture of Jude (on the right) and his BFF Landis (on the left). Don't they look so grown up. By the way, Landis (only 12 hours younger than Jude) sleeps through the night!

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