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What a difference a year can make

Becoming a parent changes your life! Okay...I know that's probably the understatement of the century, but as obvious as that sentence seems, the reality of it hit me this past Tuesday night.

On Tuesday, my husband Ryan and I celebrated our second anniversary. It came and went with little fanfare. We were pretty much snowed in and it was a week night, so we decided to celebrate this weekend and just try to have a nice, quiet night at home to mark the occasion. As you know, there are rarely quiet nights at home with a baby in the house. Anyway...while the evening was special, it was completely different than our anniversary celebration last year.

Last year I surprised Ryan with a trip to Memphis. We went down for the weekend to see one of his favorite bands (The Foo Fighters) in concert. We spent the weekend in the city. We went to the concert, we went out to eat on the famous Beale Street, we shopped, had coffee, saw a movie, it was a blast! It was also on our last anniversary that we found out that our little Jude was on the way. It was a really special anniversary.

My husband looked at me Tuesday night and said, "Just think, this time last year, we were in Memphis. Wasn't that fun?" We both smiled, and tried to remember what life was like before we became parents. It's a blur.

Yeah, life is completely different now. This year's anniversary included sorting laundry, putting the baby to bed, and toasting each other with a mug of decaf coffee while we watched reruns of "Scrubs." It was great! It wasn't Memphis, but it was even better! We wouldn't change a thing!

Here's a clip of our entertainment for the evening:
Video: Jude and the Bouncy Horse

Don't feel too sorry for us. We're going out to eat this weekend to celebrate. And like a true mom, I've got a coupon!

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