Watch's contagious! -

Watch's contagious!

Remember the first time you heard your baby laugh? It's an awesome feeling. The first time Jude laughed out loud, it just melted my heart. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. There's nothing better than getting a big belly laugh out of that little boy. Well, I'm in need of a good laugh today. I got a grand total of 4 hours of sleep last night (thanks, Jude!) and the morning coffee wore off way before noon, so I'm struggling, to say the least.

Laughter is contagious, so I thought I'd post this video of Jude laughing. It cracks me up every time I watch it. So, if you're in need of a laugh or just a smile, here you go...
Click here for video of Jude laughing

So, if you other moms out there are anything like me, you love showing off your kids. Well you can do that here on Feel free to post your video and photos. I show off my kid all the time (obviously), now you can do the same. Share your favorite pics and YouTube moments with your fellow mommies here on the Mommy Diaries.

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