Born with a plastic spoon in his mouth -

Born with a plastic spoon in his mouth

Jude went for his 4-month check-up last week. Boy is he getting big! He is now 17 pounds and 27 ½ inches long. I can't believe how much he's grown. I'm sure all of you mommies out there are nodding your head in agreement when I goes by soooo fast!

Things went really well at the doctor's office. Jude is very healthy, but here's the fun part...we get to start feeding him real food (sort of)! Our pediatrician has given us the okay to start spoon feeding Jude rice cereal. I never thought I'd be so excited over rice cereal. I can't imagine the excitement of baby food. It'll be too much to handle!

After the check-up, we decided to give the cereal a shot. Several of my mom friends told me that babies usually don't like the rice cereal at first. They spit it out and usually won't eat it the first time. I had prepared myself for the reality that Jude would probably not eat the cereal, boy was I wrong! He loved it! That kid ate the cereal like a champ. It's like he was born ready to eat rice cereal. At his first feeding, he ate a whole serving of cereal. He was so happy while he was eating it, too. It's like he was saying... "Finally, some real food!"

The bad news, I had hope that this cereal would keep him full longer, thus helping him sleep longer...not so much. He is still not sleeping through the night. Oh well, at least he's healthy and happy, right!

As always, I'd love to hear from you other moms out there. How did your kids handle solid(ish) food? When did they sleep through the night? What's it like adding baby food to the mix? Feel free to comment below. Also, feel free to post those messy eating photos of your kids: Click here to post photos

Here's one of Jude:

Next Thursday, we get to move up to baby food. I can't wait!

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