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We have teeth!

Last week my sister was home from college to visit her one-and-only nephew, my little boy Jude. As she was playing with him, her hand came near his mouth and she said, "Ouch...I think Jude just bit me."

"That's impossible. Jude doesn't have teeth," I calmly explained.

But when I reached in to show her his empty mouth, I squealed, "Oh my gosh...Jude has teeth!"

That's right, my little boy has his first two teeth, and they are the cutest little teeth I've ever seen! I tried to get a picture of them, but I can't exactly get Jude to sit still while I hold his bottom lip down to snap a pic of those pearly whites. So here is a picture of him playing, just know that the teeth are in there...I promise.

That's Daddy kissing Jude on the cheek while he's trying to play.

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