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We Survived our First Trip to the E.R.

As a mother of boys I assumed I'd find myself in the E.R. at some point. I figured it would be because my 3-year-old, Drew, had just jumped off of something and cracked his head open. Nope. My 11 month old, Sean, was the reason for this trip to the hospital.

Sean had been spiking high fevers all day Saturday so we kept giving him Motrin. The fever and a runny nose were his only symptoms so we figured it was an ear infection. But when he got to 104.6 that Sunday morning we paged the doctor. He told us if he developed any other symptoms, head to the E.R. Shortly after I left for work Sunday afternoon, Sean started throwing up.

My husband called me at work and we decided we better take Sean in. A big thanks to Brad Brown who timed down my 5:30pm newscast and to Steve Perron who came in at a moment's notice to produce the 10pm newscast. I was on my home to help get the boys ready to go to the hospital.

Poor Sean was just miserable. He's usually the happiest baby in the world so seeing him like this was really hard. So it was nice that Anderson Hospital in Maryville, Illinois, was just fabulous. We checked in at the E.R. and were admitted almost immediately. The doctor saw him and quickly diagnosed a double ear infection. Sean had sores on his throat so that was causing the vomiting. In less than an hour we were done at the E.R., had picked up Sean's medicine and were back home.

Sean is doing much better now, although his fever did spike again the next morning to 105.5 so we rushed him to our doctor's office. There we learned that high fevers like that are only likely to cause seizures when it shoots up really fast.

So, overall a good trip to the E.R. as far as E.R. visits go, anyway.

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