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Diaper Deal & Free Shampoo!

Just wanted to pass along a decent deal on diapers this week at Walgreens. Look on the back page of their weekly ad and you'll find the details. Basically, if you buy $25 worth of certain products you'll get a coupon for $10 off your next Walgreens purchase.

A couple things to consider....
1. You can use coupons on any of these items
2. You can use the $10 coupon to do the deal again but it won't spit out another $10 coupon

Here's what I've been doing...
2 pkgs of Huggies diapers ($10 each) (minus $1.50 coupons on each)
2 pkgs of Kotex ($3 each) (minus $1 coupons on each)

Total Spent: $21 and I walk out with a $10 coupon.. so it's like getting those 4 things for $11!!

Another good idea would be to use that $10 coupon on one of the EasySaver "Free After Rebate" items and you'll make money! If you're confused, email me and I'll fill you in.

Here's the Free Shampoo deal...

Walgreens has Garnier Fructis Hair Products on sale for $2.99. There is a $2 coupon in the EasySaver Rebate book located by the weekly flier in the store, and there are $1 manufacturer coupons out there. Combine both coupons on 1 product and it's free! I don't particularly like this product so I'm donating my freebies to a women's shelter. Yea!

Happy Shopping!

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