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Homemade baby food party

Last week my friend Holly and I and our babies (and husbands) were on Great Day St. Louis. Holly makes homemade baby food and was teaching me and Matt Chambers how to do it. So after my little crash course, my fellow mommy friend Ashley and I decided to get together to try making our own baby food. Ashley's son Landis is just 12 hours younger than my little boy Jude, so our kids are in the same stage as far as what they are allowed to eat.

Ashley and I spent Sunday afternoon and a couple of hours on Monday making the food. Since I work full time and she works part time, we wanted to make a bunch of food at one time instead of making it one day at a time. So, we made 2-3 months worth of food for our boys and it didn't cost us an arm and a leg! I made 2 weeks worth of green beans and 2 weeks worth of peas for just a buck a piece. That's way cheaper than buying jarred food. I was paying 34-cents a jar for baby food. So two weeks of store-bought baby food would cost me $4.67 and instead I paid $1...awesome!!!

Some other bonuses to making your baby food at home...you can use fresh and organic fruits and veggies and skip all the preservatives that are in most mass-produced products and you can pick so many varieties of produce to put in your baby food and you can't find that many "flavors" in the jars, at least not where I shop.

There is one down side...it does take time. Whether you work or stay at home, if you're a mom, you're busy! Sometimes it's hard to make time to take on a project like this. My advice, if you do it with a friend, like I did, it doesn't seem as much like work. It's more like a fun cooking project with a friend. And, if you are a working mom it might be easier to make a bunch at a time and then freeze it (like Ashley and I did), but if you're a stay at home mom, it might be easier to just make a day at a time instead of trying to carve out a chunk of time to do a bunch at once. It did take us several hours and sometimes it's hard to get that much time away from the little ones during the day.

So, I did it...I made my own baby food. It was fun and it made me feel like the ultimate super-mom! As always, feel free to comment below and share your mommy stories with me. Do you do homemade food? Do you have other cool mom tips to share? Let me know.

Here's an old picture of my son Jude and his BFF Landis. It's from a month or so ago, so they are much bigger now. Landis is on the left and Jude is on the right. Jude looks a little scared of the camera.

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