Crazy baby sale! -

Crazy baby sale!

Last Saturday was crazy! My friend Ashley (who, like me, is the mommy of a 5-month-old boy) and I went to this huge baby sale inside the gym of a local high school. When we decided to make the trek out to Edwardsville, IL for this big sale, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Rookie mistakes!

The sale began at 8am so we thought getting there by 7:45 would give us plenty of time. Actually, we were worried we'd be too early - not even close. By the time we got there, the line was already winding through the halls of the school. I am not exaggerating when I say there were AT LEAST 300 people already in line. People had been waiting since before 7am for this thing to begin. Moms don't mess around when it comes to sales!
When the doors opened and Ashley and I finally made it through the halls and into the gym, the hunt was on. We came into this thing with a game plan. Step 1: find the big boy car seats that our sons will need in just a few weeks. We ran straight to the car seat section. On the way there, I managed to snag a walker for my son Jude to scoot around in at his grandparent's house. So there we were running (literally), me with this giant, awkward walker under one arm, pushing our way through other crazed mothers digging through table after table of baby gear, and then we spot them...the car seats! We each snagged one. Victory! Now on to step 2.

We quickly paid for our car seats and ran (again, literally) out to Ashley's van. We threw the stuff in and took off running back into the sale. When we got back to the door, there were still about 100-200 people waiting in line to get into the sale. We rushed past them, since we had already paid, and it was on to toys - our second mission of the morning. We grabbed handfuls of stuff we thought our little boys would love and suddenly realized that we were physically unable to carry any more stuff and the line to check out was now wrapping all the way around the gym and beginning to double itself. Yikes! We hadn't even made it to step 3...clothes!

So, I found an empty corner of the gym and Ashley and I dumped all of our stuff there. I watched our stuff while she went to look for clothes, and then we switched. Finally we were done. We had accomplished everything on our list. Now the line was winding around the gym and was longer than the line for Thunder River at Six Flags in August. We had also come to the realization that we couldn't hold all of the stuff we had grabbed for the duration of the line. It was not possible, no matter how hard we tried. We didn't know what to do. Ashley's quick thinking saved us. She found an empty box and a giant Bread Company bag and we piled all of our goodies in to them. Success!!!

We waited in the line for at least an hour. At the end, we made it out alive, exhausted, but alive. And we got great deals on some really nice stuff for our boys. Jude's car seat was practically brand-new, was the same as the one that I was considering buying online for $70 and it only cost me $10! Can you believe it!!! It was worth the craziness! Next year, we'll be there earlier, for sure. I wish I had remembered to get all this on video for you, because words just don't do it justice.

Instead, here is a picture of our boys, Jude and Landis playing together. Landis is on the left, Jude is on the right.

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