Six-month check-up -

Six-month check-up

I know this is an obvious statement for all of you moms out there, but I have to say...It goes by so fast! My son Jude is now six months old. I really can't believe it has been six months already!

Yesterday we had the six-month check-up. Jude had to get some shots, which is always difficult for me. I just hate seeing him get so upset. The rest of the day he was kind of fussy. He would be playing and then all of sudden start to whimper or cry. He's just not quite himself after those shots. He's doing great today, though!

Anyway, my favorite part of the visit is when they measure and weigh him. They always give me a sticker that says "I've Grown!" that has all his measurements on it. Like any proud mom, I put it on the fridge! Jude is now 28 inches tall and 19.4 pounds. That puts him in the 74th percentile for weight and 87th percentile for height. He's getting so big!

So that was my favorite part, but Jude's favorite part was different. He loved being stripped down to his diaper and getting to play with that paper that they put on the table where they examined him. It made a fun, crunchy noise that he thought was the best thing ever. He kicked and squirmed on that table just to get the paper to make noise. It was hilarious!

Here's a picture of Jude at his grandpa's house on his six-month birthday. You can't see it, but he got a third tooth. It's on the top. I'll try to get him to smile bigger next time so you can see the little tooth.

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