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Happy Easter!

Hope you all enjoyed a great holiday filled with fun, family and, of course, candy! Jude had a great first Easter. We went to church and then to my in-laws' and then to my parents' house. It was a busy Easter!

Jude looked so cute in his little Easter sweater vest. He's getting so big! Here he is in his outfit.

Here's the whole family

You may notice, there weren't many smiles from Jude on Easter. He was teething so bad and was miserable for most of the day. I tried all day to get a picture of him smiling. He wouldn't do it for me, but Jude always has a smile for Auntie Aubs. Here they are.

Jude got his first little Easter basket. He got swimming trunks, a summer hat and some swimming diapers. He's ready for fun in the sun this summer! There was also some candy in there, but mom and dad took care of that.
We didn't do the whole egg-hunting thing. Jude isn't quite ready for that. But I can't wait to see him toddling through the grass with his Easter basket looking for eggs next year.
Happy Easter!

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